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As the class site for EN 170W at Queens College, this site will be our primary means of general communication. Be sure to check it after every class, as much of the time this will be the only place to learn about the readings and assignments due for the next meeting (that is, don't assume that my not mentioning anything due next class means there isn't anything due the next class).

In addition, you will be required to post here a weekly short response of no less than (and not much more than) 500 words. These will be due by 6pm every Thursday, and are central to your grade. This cannot be stressed enough--if posts are not here by 6p.m., this portion of your grade will suffer. And if you cannot work that much writing into your schedule, you should consider another course.

You'll find a link to the syllabus to the right, and the provisional schedule to the right. It is here that I will make changes to your assignments, look there and to my postings for changes and adjustments to the course.

For Tuesday, read the first section of the Chandler on Genre ('The Problem of Definition'), and 'The Purpose of This Creature Man' by Lee K. Abbott. For class, be prepared to discuss how Abbott's story fits into expectations of its genre. Be able to write a few paragraphs why you think the work fits the genre (you'll be asked to do this in class). That is, what expectations of the genre does it meet, and in what was does the work seem to vary those expectations, do things we don't expect of a western? The more specifically you can discuss the work, the better. Remember to bring printed copies of all readings to class.

Post all responses as separate posts, not comments to my post.

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