Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Please note the change to the readings for Wednesday, and think about how the O'Brien stories fit and undermine their particular genre, and the same thing for the Poe. You'll be asked to write on this at the beginning of class. The Thursday reading is changed as well.

Also, while we will talk about this Thursday's paper tomorrow in class, realize that the paper is essentially to give the same sort of analysis we did today to Purpose of this Creature Man, to a work of your own choosing. First show your reader how and where your work meets and deviates from the conventions of its genre. Then try to discuss to what degree can we determine, as Chandler suggested, what this says about the 'ideological concerns of the time in which (it is) popular.' To choose one example at random, first you might show how the Twilight books fit and break from the vampire/monster genre. Then you would try to discuss the following question: why (that is, what it says about us) the Twilight books are the vampire books of today, while Bram Stoker's was the vampire book of the late nineteenth century?

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